How pharma is tackling digital health

By Gilles Toulemonde, Inova CEO

Digital health is on the rise. Just last year $7.9 billion dollars were invested in 585 digital health companies. It’s clearly the way forward, offering better patient outcomes, lower costs and broader consumer access to care. Pharmaceutical companies are eager to join the transformation, recognizing that digital health impacts all […]

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From conferences to deal signature: the long road to partnership

It’s a long road to partnership in the life sciences. To manage the process effectively, pharma companies need a life sciences CRM.
Partnering conferences are indispensable. Even in a world highly connected by the internet, face-to-face interactions still matter. That’s why every year thousands of life sciences professionals attend hundreds of conferences all over the world. In […]

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Genentech Partnering: Driving Success with Flexible Alliance Management

Partnering in the life sciences isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s time-consuming, subject to sudden, unforeseeable challenges and inherently risky. To succeed, pharma and biotech companies need flexible processes and the right tools. Genentech, the powerhouse biotech, sheds light on the topic in a recent article discussing how they build effective alliances. Genentech’s article […]

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Why Partnering is Key: Insights from Big Pharma

At Inova, we’re big believers in the power of collaboration. By joining forces and working together, experts from different organizations solve previously unsolvable challenges. Not only that, but partnered treatments are more successful and less expensive to develop. We’re certainly not the only ones that believe in partnering. In an interview last year, one […]

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Partnering in the Life Sciences: Collaboration vs M&A

There’s a general consensus that partnering and M&A in the life sciences enable access to external innovation, which leads to more successful and profitable drugs. The best way to secure these external innovations, however, is less clear. Recent articles have argued that either M&As or collaborative agreements are best – but which is it? Read […]

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Signs you’re ready for a partnering place

As a company grows and changes, the business tools that support it must also evolve. Recognizing when it’s time to change can save you a lot of time, money and wasted effort. As life science companies grow and their partnering activities become more complex, they outgrow tools that worked in the past. Tools such […]

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The New One-on-One Partnering System

In the hunt to find and develop new breakthrough treatments, more and more companies are turning to partnering. Partnering events like the BIO International Convention, which attracts 15,000 of the most powerful biotech and pharma players from 65 countries, are a key opportunity to find the right partners. But, these events aren’t cheap. When […]

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Why Partnering Works

There’s no doubt that partnering has a positive impact on pipeline value. Externally sourced assets make up well over half the average pipeline value. But why does partnering work? What gives it a boost over in-house developed assets? Read on to learn more.

Partnering works

The evidence is clear, partnering leads to more valuable drugs. In […]

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What is a Partnering Place?

Welcome to the Age of the Team

The world we live in is facing many challenges: a growing population, globalization, healthcare access, climate change, an aging population and more. These challenges are growing too complex for sole creative minds—they’re more for teams of minds, interlocking networks of innovators, thinkers and scientists, combining their knowledge, insights […]

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Taking a Cue from Google – Collaboration Drives Innovation in the Life Sciences

Google is known for its research. This is a company that boldly researches projects like self-driving cars, Google Glass and bringing internet to rural areas using balloons. But, there’s one key point that is often overlooked – Google doesn’t do it alone. To create breakthrough innovations and get them to market, Google partners. It systematically […]

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