Event Details

Don’t miss Medicon Valley Alliance’s Good Morning Meeting on the theme Business Development in the Life Sciences: Best Practices from AstraZeneca and Inova Software.

Learn from the experiences of AstraZeneca and Inova Software at this event dedicated to business development best practices that really work. First, there will be a presentation on AstraZeneca’s Partnering Process and Information Flow, from research to commercialization and beyond. This presentation will review the business development function in AstraZeneca and the importance of capturing, managing and using information.

Next, Inova Software will briefly explain how top Pharma and Biotech companies, including AstraZeneca, use Inova Partner to:

  • Save time searching for information
  • Create corporate memory and eliminate duplicate efforts
  • Build trust with partners and be the partner of choice by rapidly responding to requests and fulfilling obligations

If you are a scout, business developer, alliance manager or simply interested in optimizing your partnering activities, this is the event for you. Learn more here.