Inova and BIO
are teaming up

Inova and BIO have teamed up to create a next-generation partnering system. In today’s fast-paced, interconnected world, business development and licensing teams are under more pressure than ever before to find the right partners that will lead to breakthrough treatments. Every year, over 29,000 partnering meetings take place at the BIO Convention. That’s why BIO and Inova have designed a new system to dramatically increase your ROI at the BIO International Convention and across all BIO partnering events.





The power of partnering at your fingertips

The new partnering system is composed of 2 complementary modules:



An enhanced conference module to:

  • Connect with potential partners
  • Mine and Capture data
  • Schedule One-on-One meetings

An advanced scouting module to:

  • Track your company’s meeting history
  • Activate your homebase
  • Build up your contact book
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What does it mean
for you ?

For conferences, Partneringplace centralizes all your partnering meeting information, creating a corporate memory that is easy to find and ready to be shared with colleagues.

For life science companies that need a CRM, Partneringplace has you covered. It’s designed for partnering in the life sciences, managing contacts, companies, assets and meeting information.

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