Partneringplace Wondering who your company met with in past conferences? Find out in one central place: Partneringplace. Quickly check your company’s meeting history, vet meeting opportunities with your colleagues, and watch your contact book fill up without any data entry. Start using the freemium version today!


Track your company’s meeting history

Partneringplace is an online tool that centralizes conference data from events supported by BIO One-on-One Partnering™ and EBD PartneringOne. For a full list of supported conferences, visit here.

BIO Partnering attendees also benefit from Partneringplace’s seamless integration with One-on-One. Your company’s conference history is available in One-on-One, helping you decide whom to meet with this year.

Watch the tutorial videos

Activate your home base

Invite your colleagues to use Partneringplace to collaborate on meetings:

  • Evaluate meeting opportunities together
  • Prepare for meetings by adding notes and discussion points
  • Follow-up on meetings by assigning tasks

All of your activities in Partneringplace are stored year-round, ready for your next conference or meeting.

Build up
your contact book

Build up your contact book without manual data entry. At BIO conferences, as soon as you request a meeting, the meeting details plus company and contact information are automatically copied into Partneringplace. Met someone interesting at a networking event? Push them into Partneringplace with just a couple of clicks and start tracking your interactions for future reference.

For EBD events, simply import your meetings in just a few clicks, including the relevant companies and contacts.


Want to go further?
Partneringplace Pro is the CRM for partnering

Partneringplace Pro is a CRM designed for the life sciences and covers the full spectrum of your partnering activities.
In addition to the data captured at conferences, Partneringplace Pro allows you to enter new data. For example:

  • a meeting that took place outside of a conference
  • a new contact you met at a follow-up meeting
  • a licensing opportunity received by email
  • a potential customer you have just read about


Partneringplace Pro is only $75 per user per month

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