Partnering is critical for pharma companies, which is why they need a pharma crm for partnering. To find the right partners, pharma companies must evaluate thousands of opportunities, resulting in an enormous amount of data to manage. This information comes from a multitude of sources such as partnering conferences, information databases, email, colleagues, online portals and more. On top of all that, pharma companies are spread all over the world, making it even more difficult share and keep up-to-date information for their global teams. To overcome these challenges, pharma companies need one central place to manage their partnering information – they need a CRM designed for pharma partnering.

The #1 Pharma CRM for Partnering

Inova provides the CRM designed for pharma companies. The solution is made up of Partneringplace, Deals and Alliances. Partneringplace connects to BIO and EBD partnering events, tracking your company’s meetings and the related contacts, assets, notes, documents and emails, from one conference to another, all year-round. The Deals and Alliances modules go further, managing the partnering process from scouting to due diligence and licensing to alliance management. Enhanced reporting enables users to quickly report on their activities and share the information with their colleagues.

Inova’s solutions are designed for partnering in the life sciences, which means that they are ready to use right out-of-the-box and leverage industry best practices. Inova’s workflows were created to work the way you do, making it the best pharma CRM.

Integrated into the Life Sciences

Inova is dedicated to the life sciences industry. We’ve worked with our pharma and biotech clients for 15 years to develop solutions tailor-made for their partnering needs. To put all your partnering information in one place, our solutions connect to key industry players such as BIO and EBD conferences, Thomson Cortellis and Citeline. Today, Inova is the #1 Pharma CRM for partnering, and our roadmap is driven by the desire to continue helping our life science clients find the right partners faster.