Gain time to market and operations flexibility from product development to manufacturing

The vaccine industry is highly competitive and the use of a structured approach to make the right technology innovation choices is a key differentiator. Sanofi Pasteur’s technology innovation program spans R&D, industrial operations and key support functions. Its goal is to ensure the availability of innovative, enabling technologies to sustain the evolution of industrial activities and product development.


Knowledge & innovation for technology excellence program powered by Inova

Structured & supported by Inova’s software, this technology innovation program facilitates technology identification,  scouting and evaluation. It is shared between the global R&D and manufacturing groups. The major benefits are shared vision, improved R&D and industrial operational performance, significant gains in terms of operational flexibility and responsiveness as well as financial savings.


Hundreds of enabling technologies available

Inova helps users to capture, track, and manage innovative technologies. Standardized workows support the technology innovation process. Users from across the organization actively contribute their unique insights to add context to the technologies. Standardized yet collaborative evaluation processes and dynamic reports stimulate innovation and enable quick and condent decision-making. Since all intelligence is kept in a central repository, duplicate or similar proposals are quickly spotted.