The State of Alliance Management in the Life Sciences

the state ofalliance managementin the life sciences


Pharma alliance management is a relatively new but important function. It is up to pharma alliance managers to drive collaborations towards maximum value. Half of the product pipeline value is dependent on successful alliances. Yet, despite its importance, alliance management is still not fully established within many pharmaceutical […]

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Partnering is Key to Success in the Life Sciences Industry

The world we live in is facing many challenges: a growing population, globalization, healthcare access, climate change and more. These challenges are too complex for individual creative minds. They require a teams of minds – interlocking networks of innovators, thinkers and scientists, combining their knowledge, insights and skills for today and tomorrow. To lead […]

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The Key to Open Innovation Success: An Ecosystem of Partners

As we’ve said before, innovation is a fuzzy concept in the corporate world. Open innovation, the most popular buzzword of today, isn’t any clearer. Rather than discussing the theories behind it all, this white paper dives straight into how open innovation best operates in reality. In the B to B realm, open innovation is […]

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Best Practices for Networked Innovation: The New Business Imperative

For many years, it has been well understood that innovation is the top driver of corporate value in today’s environment. As companies realize a higher percentage of their market value from intangible assets, innovation becomes central to their strategy for building a more valuable company.

Companies have tried several methods to drive innovation, from the […]

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Building a Cross-Functional Innovation Department

Over the last 10 years, we’ve noticed that “innovation” remains a very fuzzy concept within the corporate world. It has a mythical status – a buzzword without clear process definitions. In fact, each department had its own definition for “innovation”: engineers, marketers, production managers, business managers.

Today, we are seeing the early indication that the […]

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