2013’s Bestselling Drugs: 9 of Top 10 are the Result of Partnering and M&A

Majority of top selling drugs are the subject of agreements for licensing, collaboration or M&A

FiercePharma’s recent report on 2013’s bestselling drugs reveals that that 9 of the top 10 are the result of partnering and M&A. The FiercePharma report uses data from EvaluatePharma to calculate 2013’s bestselling drugs. It also includes an analysis of why these drugs succeeded, what impact they’ve had and what the short-term future holds for them.

Taking a closer look, we see that 7 of the top 10 selling drugs are currently the subject of licensing agreements with rights for commercialization, co-marketing and co-development. Additionally, 6 of the top 10 have been the focus of collaboration and M&A agreements. These results confirm a huge trend – Partnering leads the pharma industry with 9 out 10 bestselling drugs involved in Partnering.

Gilles Toulemonde, Inova CEO and founder, commented, “For over 10 years, our platform has supported partnering activities for our clients. Taking a drug from research to commercialization is an enormous task that’s likely to end in failure. One way to increase success is through partnering, whether it’s to gain access to a promising molecule or to co-market a launched product. To help companies partner better, our software optimizes business development activities. It’s exciting to see that this year, our clients outperformed the market, owning rights to 8 of the top 10 drugs.”

Best Selling Drugs 2013