The #1 biopharma CRM for partnerships

Manage your life sciences collaborations more efficiently.

Inova bridges the challenge of two externally-facing function within AstraZeneca, R&D and Business Development, and gets them operating in a seamless fashion: the right hand knows what the left hand is doing.
Helen Smith, Business Operations Manager
Inova has helped the Alliance Management and Finance group to manage
financial obligations. Inova is an excellent planning and tracking
software for milestone payments.

The #1 biopharma software for partnering

The preconfigured platform for biopharma

All your partnering data in one place

Connected to biopharma ecosystem & tools

Platform covering the partnering lifecycle

Access all your data in one place

You're not a superhuman. Your memory isn't flawless and you can't be everywhere at once - but with Inova, you can come pretty close. Inova securely stores all information related to your partnerships, including contacts, companies, emails, meeting notes, assets, evaluations, due diligences, contracts and more.

Track your biopharma meetings automatically

It's magic. Thanks to our strategic partnerships, your contact book builds itself and stays up-to-date. How? Inova automatically adds the meetings, contacts and companies that you meet with at the 20 biggest biopharma conferences. You'll always have the latest information, without even having to click a button. Some call it a miracle, we call it efficiency.

Simplify your daily tasks using deep Outlook integration

You receive hundreds of emails every week. They’re not all important, but some of them contain key information. Using Inova’s Outlook Add-in, you can put your Outlook to work and track your key emails easily. From an email, create contacts, companies and partnering opportunities in just two clicks. You can also simply add an email and its attachments to an existing project in Inova, keeping it secure and making it easy to find in the future.

Report on your pipeline and alliances in real-time

Monitor and report on your external pipeline and alliances in seconds. Our pre-configured reports are customized for the life sciences and provide both the big picture and the small details. View the number of opportunities at each stage and filter them by business unit, geographic territory, therapeutic area or development phase.

The world’s leading biopharma companies use Inova
to better manage their partnering opportunities

50% of TOP 50 biopharma companies use Inova
to better manage their partnering lifecycle