Bayer HealthCare

Bayer HealthCareFollowing a strategic repositioning of Business Development & Licensing (BD&L) within Bayer HealthCare, we wanted to replace several legacy systems by one, easily configurable and user-friendly BD&L project management tool. We have chosen “Inova Deals & Alliances” based on its flexibility in customization and handling of the application. Now, with a single tool in place, which is the unique source for continuous project management and reporting, our global community makes intense usage on a regular basis, resulting in high quality data and deal flow.

Given this excellent experience and exceeding our expectations, we continue to enjoy working with Inova experts and “Inova Deals & Alliances” as our solution for BD&L project management.”

Cornelius Kurz, Operations Manager at Global Business Development & Licensing, Bayer HealthCare