Out-of-the-box Alliance Management Software

Manage your biopharma alliances more efficiently.

Get a clear overview of all your pharma alliances

Find everything you need to know about your alliances in one place, including the type of alliances, project description, territories and exceptions, important email and documents, and more. You’ll have a clear overview of your alliances, as well as all alliances company-wide.

Additionally, the peer matrix shows you who is in charge of what on both sides of the alliance.

You’ll always know exactly who to contact both during the project ramp-up and throughout the life of the collaboration.

Manage joint steering committees effectively

Inova provides full support for your Joint Steering Committees.

Before an upcoming committee meeting, you can create a meeting in Inova and invite the umbrella team, providing them with access to important documents and allowing them to start collaborating in advance.

Afterwards, meeting minutes are shared, next steps are simple to track and easy to follow-up on.

Track your contractual obligations and payments

Accurate tracking of financial and non-financial obligations is the first step towards becoming a partner of choice.

Using Inova, you not only monitor payments and nonfinancial obligations, but are automatically reminded of upcoming ones, so nothing is forgotten or overlooked.

Both financial and nonfinancial obligations can be triggered by a due date or milestone completion. Your memory isn’t flawless, but thanks to Inova, it doesn’t have to be.

Monitor the health of your pharmaceutical alliances

Track key issues related to the health of your alliances and head off problems before they become serious. Reviews in Inova enable you to get feedback from your partners and your colleagues on how the alliance is going. By comparing the results, you can identify discrepancies and mitigate problems.

Inova lets you create a living record for each alliance. For example, you can document the issues that come up and their outcome.

Plus, you can record the activities, tasks, and documents gathered by a steering committee or other governance body and its related obligations.

Benefit from dedicated Alliance Management reporting

Get a better understanding of the distribution of your ongoing alliances.

Inova enables you to quickly view the number of active alliances, then filter them by business unit, geographic territory, or therapeutic area.

You’ll have an accurate snapshot of your all your collaborations worldwide.

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