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Business developers and researchers use our software to
manage their pharma partnerships more efficiently.

The #1 biopharma software for partnering

The preconfigured platform for biopharma

All your partnering data in one place

Connected to biopharma ecosystem & tools

Platform covering the partnering lifecycle

A pharma CRM software designed for partnering in biopharma

We’ve worked with our life sciences clients for 15 years to develop a CRM software tailor-made for your partnering needs.

Our pharma CRM connects to the biggest biopharma partnering events such as BIO and EBD conferences, as well as to important pharma databases – Clarivate (Previously Cortellis) and Citeline.

Get a clear overview of all your pharma partnerships in one database
Synch your partnering meeting data from BIO and EBD automatically
Transfer your Outlook emails to an existing project in Inova
Get the latest biopharma competitive intelligence with our Citeline & Cortellis connectors

Store and access all your partnering data in one database

Information is critical for pharma companies, as it comes from multiple sources such as partnering conferences, information databases, email, colleagues, online portals and more.

What you need is a pharma CRM software that will centralize data captured from these different touch points and make them part of your corporate memory in one single database.

Store your pharma business development project information in one secure database
View your data when you’re on the move with mobile access
Get feedback faster using our standardized pharma BD reviews
Improve collaboration with secure file storage

Report on your pipeline for better decision-making

One thing that makes Inova the best pharma CRM software is its capabilities for producing useful reports. Inova’s pre-configured reports are customized for pharma.

View the number of opportunities at each stage and filter them by business unit, geographic territory, therapeutic area or development phase, so you can easily hand it over to your colleagues when they ask for it.

Report on critical pharma projects KPIs
Get an overview of all your partnerships instantly
Analyze the state of your collaborations accurately
Present your partnerships with our snapshot reporting

Download this case study

Bayer Leveraging Insightful Reporting for Partnering Excellence

Inova's story with Bayer began six years ago, when the German pharma company decided to merge six different Business Development & Licensing teams to form a single Bayer Partnering team. As the success of this partnering function is crucial to the organization, they decided to look for a software, so they could set up a single partnering process that would encourage synergy.

50% of the Top 50 biopharma companies
use Inova as their Pharma CRM software

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