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Effortlessly import your conference meetings into Inova

Effortlessly import your conference meetings into Inova

Inova connects to the 20 biggest biopharma partnering conferences.

Easily import your meetings into Inova


When you attend a biopharma conference, your meetings can be added to Inova in just a few clicks. The imported information includes the meetings’ date, time and location as well as the attendees’ company and contact information.


You can even reach back in the past and add meetings from conferences that have already taken place. By adding historical data, you update and expand your database of companies and contacts all while building your corporate memory.


How is this wizardry possible? Inova also develops the One-on-One Partnering platform that you know and use at the BIO Convention. It was a no-brainer to connect our products and make your life easier.


But that’s not all! We have also developed strategic partnerships that make data from the 20 biggest biopharma events available in Inova as well!

Add your meeting information in seconds

To import your meetings, the Inova BIO Connector connects to the event and finds your meetings. You can import all of your company’s meetings or just some of them – the choice is yours.

Thanks to our powerful algorithm, contacts and companies from the conference are automatically matched with existing data in Inova. As a result, no duplicates are created.

Duplicating the world’s best chocolate cake is a good thing, duplicating data entries is not.

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Efficiently prepare for your meetings

Once your meetings are scheduled you can already import them in Inova, allowing you to prepare ahead of time. Take notes and get your colleagues’ input and feedback on your meeting directly in Inova.

During the meeting, you can easily review and update your notes.

With everything in one place, there is no risk your information or insights will be lost or forgotten. It certainly beats keeping track of 200 business cards with notes scribbled on them.

Quickly turn your partnering meetings into opportunities

Once a meeting is over, you can complete your notes, attach assets discussed and even create an opportunity in seconds directly in Inova.

From there, take advantage of all the great tools Inova offers to manage your opportunity efficiently: workflows, reviews, reporting and more.

The less time you spend entering data after a conference, the more time you have to catch up on sleep. It’s a win-win situation.

Here is the list of conferences we connect with:

BIO International Convention



BIO Asia International Conference

BIO CEO & Investor Conference

BIO Investor Forum

BIO Latin America Conference

BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology

Bio€quity Europe

Biocom Global Life Sciences Partnering Conference




BioNJ Annual BioPartnering Conference

BioPharm America


Biotech Showcase


Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa

ChinaBio® Partnering Forum

Drug Delivery Partnerships

Life Sciences Baltics


Nordic Life Science Days


Sofinnova Japan Biopharma Partnering Conference


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