Biopharma Conference

PHDH WORLD 2.1 2021

Digital event,
March 22-25, 2021

As the world struggles to get a grip on the Covid-19 Pandemic, Diagnostics, PPEs, Ventilators, Sanitation, Medical Devices, Drugs and Vaccines are proving to be a critical part of the Covid-19 healthcare ecosystem. With several promising Vaccines about to be released it is heartening to realize that Business activities will normalize within the next few quarters. Businesses are expected to resume their partnering activities with renewed vigour in 2021.

3SMG Events Pvt. Ltd., is launching the 2nd edition of PHDH.WORLD in a much BIGGER and WIDER format to cover more sectors and more geographies. The expo will have Virtual Booths, an internationally benchmarked Partnering System and a series of panels on current industry topics.

Along with the US, Europe has been an important source of new drugs. Over the past decades, in addition to generics, Asia has improved its capabilities in providing Pharma and Bio Pharma Contract Services. PHDH.WORLD 2.1 aims to showcase Asian & European organizations and highlight their individual and complementary strengths to encourage International companies to collaborate and outsource their Drug Discovery, Development and Manufacturing requirements to Eurasian based suppliers and service providers.

During PHDH.WORLD 2.1, companies will be able to schedule almost 100 meetings each during the 4 days. Almost all governments in Asia and Europe have schemes for encouraging International investments that will also be highlighted. Companies will be able to exhibit and demonstrate their products. platforms and services through virtual stalls and presentations .

PHDH.WORLD 2.1 invites participants from across the world to meet, partner and deliberate in the fields of Pharma & Healthcare, Medical Devices & Diagnostics and Pharma Machinery & Technology.

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