Biotech CRM

It’s a universal problem for biotechs: as they search for the right opportunities, they accumulate masses of competitive intelligence and contact and company information. The type of opportunity the biotech is searching may vary, for some, it’s out-licensing for others it’s collaborations, funding or acquisition, but, the end result is always the same – the partnering data piles up.

At first, tracking this information with excel files, emails, personal notes or a combination of all three, works fine, particularly if the team is small or if there are very few opportunities. However, even then there’s a risk that information will disappear when people leave the company or will simply be misplaced or forgotten. Eventually, the information that must be managed pushes the need for a CRM designed for biotechs from nice-to-have to must-have.

Inova – Tailor-made to support Biotech’s and their CRM needs

A CRM for biotech centralizes and manages all of this information and more. Inova is precisely that – a CRM for biotech companies. Inova resembles a traditional CRM in that it allows users to manage contact and company information, even when you are on the move with mobile access. As a CRM specialized for biotechs and pharma companies, it goes even further, incorporating key functionalities such as asset and meeting management and importing information from BIO Conferences and Thomson Reuters Cortellis. Thanks to Inova CRM, your entire team can effectively collaborate on opportunities in order to find the right one faster.

Our products help biotech and pharma companies find and engage with the right partners all the way from their first meeting at a conference through to transforming their new partnership into a successful alliance. As a pioneer of the European biotech industry, Transgene now has one central source of information for their partnering activities. Using Inova has helped them easily keep the system up-to-date with the latest information and what they need quickly.