Inova Top Ten Newsletter – December 2017

We’re approaching the end of the year and partnering activity is not slowing down. Last month, Inova was present in four big partnering conferences all over the world, and so are most of the biopharma companies looking to start 2018 with a bang. There were also some innovative approvals, including the first ever digital […]

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Inova Top Ten Newsletter – November 2017

Last month’s partnering news was dominated by next-generation therapeutics. First, we have the FDA approval of Gilead/Kite’s CAR-T Therapy, called Yescarta. We have also seen progress in Spark Therapeutics’ landmark gene therapy for a rare form of blindness. It is expected to cost up to $1 million if it gets FDA approval in January. Nuclear […]

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How Pricing is Impacting Oncology Partnerships

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By Gilles Toulemonde, […]

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Inova Top 10 Newsletter – October 2017

Last month, we’ve seen quite a lot of activity in the partnering front, particularly in terms of digital health. Highlights include Apple’s partnership with Stanford Medicine to use Apple Watch as a diagnostic device, FDA’s digital health pilot, Merck’s partnership with Project Data Sphere to form a Big Data Alliance for cancer drugs, the […]

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Inova launches JPM Private Scheduler to make your meetings @ JPM 2018 easier

Planning to attend the JP Morgan Annual Healthcare Conference in January (JPM 2018), and your company has rented private rooms to arrange your meetings? Don’t worry, we know how organizing these meetings can be such a nightmare.

With that in mind, Inova came up with the JPM Private Scheduler to make managing these meetings so […]

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Inova Top 10 Newsletter – September 2017

It was a historical month in the field of immuno-oncology and the biopharma industry in general. Last month, we’ve seen back-to-back news about CAR-T therapy, from Gilead Science’s $ 11.9 Billion acquisition of Kite Pharma to the approval of the first CAR-T therapy in the world from Novartis. Meanwhile, we have seen several articles […]

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Inova Top 10 Newsletter – August 2017

Get ready for a surge in partnering activity! New areas of partnering were hot last month, including digital health, digital therapeutics, CAR-T production and artificial intelligence. Takeda is continuing to outsource its R&D work and Bayer is looking for partnerships with innovative biotech startups. Meanwhile, Biogen, Eli Lilly and GSK have all indicated that […]

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Inova Top 10 Newsletter – July 2017

It was a busy month! The biopharma industry got good marks on its reputation, CROs are experiencing a deal bonanza and academia and industry are teaming up even earlier in the drug development process. On top of that, development in immuno-oncology continued at a breakneck pace and it looks like 2017 is a promising […]

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Inova Top 10 Newsletter – June 2017

We’re starting a monthly newsletter to help you keep on top of the best news articles about biopharma partnerships. Stay up-to-date with these articles, which feature exciting breakthrough discoveries, interesting collaborations, biopharma trends and smart strategies. The first of these newsletters is below.

To receive your own copy of the Inova Top 10 Newsletter sign […]

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How pharma is tackling digital health

By Gilles Toulemonde, Inova CEO

Digital health is on the rise. Just last year $7.9 billion dollars were invested in 585 digital health companies. It’s clearly the way forward, offering better patient outcomes, lower costs and broader consumer access to care. Pharmaceutical companies are eager to join the transformation, recognizing that digital health impacts all […]

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