Bringing Technology and Innovation to the Heart of Biotechnology Manufacturing

The research, development and manufacturing of traditional pharmaceutical drugs is already a sophisticated and challenging task, featuring long product development cycles, a high risk of product failure and complicated regulations. With biotech drugs, however, the difficulties are multiplied as a result of the far more elaborate production process that working with live cells requires. Check out this video from MIT Video as Robert Bradway, Chairman and CEO of Amgen, expertly explains the current and future challenges that biotechs face.

To help our clients bring technology and innovation to the heart of manufacturing, Inova Software provides modules for Technology Scouting and Innovation Management. By leveraging Technology Scouting, organizations can actively evaluate new and emerging technology, scientific leads and trends, developing a catalogue of external solutions. Innovation Management, on the other hand, enables organizations to communicate strategic needs to a community of solvers and to collect, mature and evaluate their ideas and proposals. By combining these two modules, organizations focus on their strategic needs and take the best solutions from wherever they are found.

Check out this video and other great videos from MIT here.

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