Inova Community Event 2020

April 2020
09:00 - 18:30 + Dinner
Lausanne (Switzerland)

This client-only event is a day dedicated to insights and innovation, acceleration and anticipation, and a chance for industry leaders to network with their peers, from more than 130 life science companies that Inova serves every day.

This year's focus is on

How to accelerate partnering to bring innovative treatments to market faster

More and more pharma deals are made each year, and at increasingly earlier stages of drug development. Pharma giants are moving faster than ever to identify partnership and licensing opportunities, and the smallest biotechs can find themselves moving from first contact to signed deal in weeks rather than months.

What does this acceleration mean for the future of medicine? How can pharma companies manage this acceleration? How can biotechs leverage this acceleration? And what innovative practices are going to help drive this acceleration in 2020 and the years beyond?

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Connect with the
Inova Community

Our clients include more than half of the Top 50 pharma companies and will welcome VP and C-level representatives as well as daily users of the software from BD, S&E, and AM teams.

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Learn best practices
and share ideas

Learn, share and get inspired from some of the best pharma and biotech companies among the +130 clients that Inova serves every day in the life science industry.

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The different speakers will be announced shortly.




Welcome to Debiopharm
Bertrand Ducrey, Debiopharm CEO


The Inova Vision
Gilles Toulemonde, Inova CEO

Change is constant, industry transformation is accelerating, and open innovation is more important than ever. At Inova, we envision a world where the future of medicine arrives sooner and where the partnerships between biotechs and pharma are stronger, deeper, and more rewarding thanks, at least in part, to our software.

Keynote Address – Accelerating Innovation in Life Science

Speaker will be announced shortly

There are many reasons why accelerating innovation in the life sciences is necessary. But unfortunately, there are just as many barriers to innovation. Regulations, inefficiencies, high-friction deals, and risk regularly combine to stymie necessary change, but there is both hope and a path forward towards a faster, safer biopharma future.


Interview + Q&A


Coffee break


Plenary Panel Session
Tim Noblitt, Eli Lilly Director, Corporate Business Development

The other panelists will be announced shortly

Three thought leaders in the life science space set out to speak to three significant challenges facing the industry: increasing open innovation with emerging biotechs, pan-industry partnering earlier and more often, and accelerating drug development to reach patients faster. What best practices can be adopted, and will they be enough?




Welcome back


Case Study 1 – Debiopharm discussing partnership with Immunogen
Fabien Sebille, Debiopharm's Executive Director and Head of BD&L


Case Study 2 – BeiGene's Partnering Strategy and Amgen Collaboration
Guillaume Vignon, BeiGene Senior Vice President Business Development

Discover BeiGene's partnering strategy and get a behind-the-scenes look at how they negotiated their $2.8 billion collaboration deal with Amgen.

Panel – CSMs, Pharma & Biotechs Talk Partnering
Panelist #1: Sébastien Buffier, Inova Head of Customer Success Pharma
Panelist #2: Echo Ao Zhang, Inova Head of Customer Success Biotech
Panelist #3: Guillaume Vignon, BeiGene Senior Vice President Business Development

The other panelists will be announced shortly

Inova Product Keynote
David Carteret, Chief Product Officer


Coffee break – Macarons & Demo

Unlike the morning break (focused on networking and discussion) this coffee break offers a chance to see some of the features and new elements introduced in the Product Keynote in demos hosted by Inova team members. And, of course, there are the famous blue macarons to taste alongside good coffee.

Nadine Bongaerts-Duportet, Co-Founder at Science Matters


Roundtable – Best Practices in Alliance Management
Panelist #1: Philippe Lievre, Novartis Global Head Pharma Alliance Management
Panelist #2: Rob Barber, Mundipharma Senior Alliance Manager

The other panelists will be announced shortly

Three representatives from three pharmaceutical companies whose responsibilities lie in alliance management discus the best practices that they employ to ensure partnerships are managed smoothly, compliantly, with reduced risk, and with the lowest friction possible. Three speakers, three perspectives, and enormous combined experience to share with the broader Inova Community.


Gilles Toulemonde, Inova CEO


Cocktail Reception


Transfer to restaurant for dinner

The venue

Our event is hosted by Debiopharm and will take place in their headquarters in Lausanne (Switzerland). Find them just one hour by car or train from Geneva.

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