5th Due Diligence Summit for Life Sciences

Event Details

The 5th Due Diligence Summit for Life Sciences, taking place on May 15–16, 2018 in Boston, MA, is the industry’s leading cross-functional life science event focused on the needs of due diligence professionals.

This year, Shanker Shrestha, Head of Customer Success, US, at Inova Software, will present Optimize Your Diligence Projects Using the Right Tools. Join us to learn more about:

  • Considering the impact of an end-to-end tool for managing diligence projects
  • Identifying key experts, the right questions to ask, and capture all expert feedback in one place
  • Harmonizing processes across different partnering teams to improve efficiency, usability and consistency
  • Considering the benefits of having an instantaneous process for generating full diligence reports

In the meantime, check out our software for your partnering needs and request a demo: