As a biotech, out-licensing is critical for cash flow. You need to know which pharma companies might be interested in your assets. To do so, everyone at your company must gather information and keep it in a centralized place. Inova does just that.

Inova is fast to set-up and easy to use. It’s:

Business Development
& Licensing

Your job is find and win the best deals, not to spend hours managing data. But, to win the right deals, you need the right information. That’s where Inova comes in. Inova provides a 360° view of your BD&L activities. Without any manual data entry, it brings together and securely manages all of your partnering information.


Inova bridges the challenge of two externally-facing functions within AstraZeneca, R&D and Business Development, and gets them operating in a seamless fashion: the left hand knows what the right hand is doing.
Helen Smith, Business Operations Manager, AstraZeneca
Following a strategic repositioning of Business Development & Licensing (BD&L) within Bayer HealthCare, we wanted to replace several legacy systems by one, easily configurable and user-friendly BD&L project management tool. We have chosen “Inova Deals & Alliances” based on its flexibility in customization and handling of the application. Now, with a single tool in place, which is the unique source for continuous project management and reporting, our global community makes intense usage on a regular basis, resulting in high quality data and deal flow. Given this excellent experience and exceeding our expectations, we continue to enjoy working with Inova experts and “Inova Deals & Alliances” as our solution for BD&L project management.
Cornelius Kurz, Operations Manager at Global Business Development & Licensing, Bayer HealthCare

Helen Smith, Business Operations Manager at AstraZeneca



Alliance Management

In order to turn complex deals into profitable alliances, you need to know exactly what’s going.

That’s why Inova features:

  • Safe harbor for alliance information and contracts
  • Secure reviews, making it easy to request expertise from your colleagues
  • Powerful reporting alliance status and performance

Inova provides full support to manage complex, long term contracts and the diverse departments involved. To ensure nothing is missed or forgotten, Inova features payment and milestone tracking with alerts for upcoming obligations. Most importantly, one glance will tell you the status of all your alliances.

Gilead Sciences

Inova has helped the Alliance Management and Finance group to manage financial obligations. Inova is an excellent planning and tracking tool for milestone payments.

Gilead Sciences Alliance Management Group


There are over 18,000 experts on regenerative medicine, do you really want to try talking to all of them? You need a better way to find the right collaborators. Once you find them, you need an efficient way to manage all of the paperwork that comes with collaborations.

Inova helps you:

  • Find the right collaborators – Inova integrates with Expernova
  • Contract management – Keep track of all your contracts and CDAs in one place
  • Be Partner of Choice – The easiest way to find the right scientist is for them to come to you.

Learn more about Inova’s Expernova integration



Mergers & Aquisitions

Inova provides a secure workspace for your M&A team to share information and collaborate on opportunities. One click will tell you the status of all ongoing discussions. To provide clear visibility and tracking for each opportunity, the structured deal closing process features milestones, including due diligence.

Inova will help you:

  • Act as one company and win better deals by aligning the M&A and BD teams
  • Respond to partners faster
  • Accelerate the due diligence process

You need to find potential partners whose specializations and interests align with yours. Hundreds of opportunities exist. Better deals can be negotiated when you have a complete picture of relationship history and on-going discussions.

Inova will help you:

  • Keep all the information you need in one place
  • Never miss an opportunity because it’s been forgotten or lost in the shuffle
  • Support your reputation as Partner of Choice – The easiest way to find the right opportunity is when it comes to you