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Consumer Goods

Growth opportunities are difficult to come by. Mature markets are saturated and emerging markets are facing fierce competition. Product lifecycles are short and getting shorter. For your company to grow, you need the right innovation partner. Your biggest growth opportunity might be right next to you. Make sure you find it. Inova has setup some of the most successful Open Innovation programs. See how P&G leverages Inova.

Oil & Gas

You’ve got to supply growing energy demands with limited resources while keeping prices and environmental impact low. As the industry enters more challenging environments, the need for innovation is heightened. New, unconventional techniques for exploring and extracting natural resources, such as Hydraulic Fracturing of shale formations and SAGD methods for Oil Sands, create new challenges and threaten your social license to do business. These unique challenges require specialized technologies and partners. You need to track everything that is happening. With Inova, you can do just that.

High tech

In the high tech industry it’s a constant race to integrate the latest technology or software. The risk of failure is high. A new product can be successfully developed, but still fail because development took too long. All too often, organizations are hampered by slow, error-prone decision-making processes. What’s needed is a way to quickly identify and assess new technology, so the best can be in-licensed, or acquired.

With Inova you can:

  1. Systematically scout and evaluate technology
  2. Visualize your technology landscape
  3. Find the right network of Partners