How to Better Manage Your Partnering Activities

Your company is working in the life sciences (pharma, biotech, agro) and you are involved in business development.

And so:

  • You are faced with working on an ever increasing number of opportunities
  • Your team is expanding with more contacts and stakeholders
  • As a result of this increased workload, tools that worked in the past, such as email, erooms or excel files, have become unmanageable

    Check out this Inova Webinar, How to Better Manage Your Partnering Activities, to learn how to manage this information.

Sébastien Buffier, Inova Consultant, demonstrates how 50% of the Top 20 pharma companies and many mid-size pharmas and biotechs use Inova Partner to:

  1. Save time searching for information such as contacts, companies, contracts, emails, etc.
  2. Build corporate knowledge and decrease duplicate efforts, for example having one company talk to multiple persons
  3. Be the partner of choice:

    • Use review capabilities and milestones to standardize the due diligence process and answer partners faster
    • Prevent embarrassing oversights by tracking and coordinating alliance contracts, obligations, amendments and project integration milestones