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Pharmaceutical alliance management tools to help you be the partner of choice

Inova provides the alliance management tools needed to manage both complex, long term contracts and the multitude of people involved from each company. Track everything related to your alliances including financial and non-financial obligations, governance bodies activities, issue logs, documents and emails. Keeping all the information in one place enables you to accurately monitor the health of your alliances and to focus your efforts on the most promising ones. Automatic alerts ensure that nothing is forgotten, helping you to reach the ultimate goal of an alliance manager – to be perceived as a partner of choice.

Pharmaceutical alliance management financial report

Track and anticipate obligations

Accurately monitoring and following through on obligations, both financial and non-financial, is critical for developing and maintaining trust in pharmaceutical alliance management. Inova’s alliance management tools feature payment and milestone tracking with alerts for upcoming obligations. With everything in one place, you can accurately follow-up on obligations, quickly budget for upcoming payments and stay aligned with the finance department. By comparing how your alliances have performed versus the original estimates, you’ll be better able to evaluate the value of future alliances.

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Prioritize your efforts

Direct your resources to where they’ll make the most impact. Inova’s pharmaceutical alliance management tools include standardized reports that enable you to evaluate and compare alliances based on their strategic importance, monetary value, complexity and more.

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Inova is trusted by:

Gilead Sciences

Inova has helped the Alliance Management and Finance group to manage financial obligations. Inova is an excellent planning and tracking tool for milestone payments.

Gilead Sciences Alliance Management Group

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