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Inova Deals is the CRM designed for pharmaceutical business development, featuring built-in partnering best practices to help you partner more efficiently.

Structured deal processes

Inova’s standardized workflows will help you speed up, control and improve your pharmaceutical business development deal processes including: M&A, in-licensing, out-licensing, R&D Collaboration, CMO and CRO.

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Pharmaceutical business development project reporting

pharmaceutical business development expertise

Standardized reviews

Collaborate with experts from all over your company, ensuring that only the right deals are pursued. Inova Deals features standardized reviews designed for pharmaceutical business development, enabling you to quickly and securely get feedback from your colleagues.

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Portfolio and KPI monitoring

Inova’s user-friendly reporting allows you to report on all your partnering activity in seconds. Track and monitor your pipeline and portfolio and dive into details by filtering by business unit, therapeutic area, development phrase and more. It’s a reporting solution designed for pharmaceutical business development.

pharmaceutical business development KPI monitoring

Open innovation portal

Managing unsolicited opportunities received through your corporate website is painful. Inova’s Opportunity Portal offers a simple, effective way to sort through the masses and find interesting opportunities faster. It connects directly to Inova Deals & Alliances, providing a central place and standardized processes for managing your partnering opportunities.

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Inova's Connected Solution

Zero data entry

Inova eliminates tedious data entry by connecting to the pharmaceutical business development tools you use the most.

It features:

  • Outlook – Add emails to the platform and create new business opportunities and contacts directly from Outlook in just a few clicks
  • Clarivate Analytics – Access Clarivate Analytics structured content directly from within Inova and import, autocomplete or update your most critical information
  • Citeline – Access Citeline content directly from within Inova and import the information you need
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Inova is trusted by:

Inova bridges the challenge of two externally-facing functions within AstraZeneca, R&D and Business Development, and gets them operating in a seamless fashion: the left hand knows what the right hand is doing.
Helen Smith, Business Operations Manager, AstraZeneca

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