Inova for R&D Spring 11

Inova is pleased to announce the release of Inova for R&D (v5.9).

Inova R&DKey improvements include:

  • Enhancements Enrichment Technology
  • Improved connectivity
  • Improved usability and navigation
  • Streamlined evaluation process

Enhancements of the Enrichment Technology were focused on the semantic engine to enable better accuracy when revealing meaningful connections between ideas, knowledge and people.

The connector capability has been extended to support a variety of protocols and allows system administrators to configure the integration of a broad range of specific information feeds.

Usability and navigation, a key success factor for Inova’s software acceptance, has been further developed for improved user experience and easier system deployment.

The review capability and the evaluation workspace has been fully redesigned and streamlined for improved productivity. As a result, combining the right information with the right connections will re-enforce the evaluation as the key process for effective decision-making.