INOVA Launches New End-to-End Modular Offer

The new offer includes the modules Conference, Scouting, Deals and Alliances

INOVA has launched its modular offer that covers the partnering process end-to-end. INOVA’S partnering platform is now divided into 4 interlocking modules, including two new modules, Conference and Scouting, and two existing modules, Deals and Alliances, that were previously branded as Partner.

INOVA's Products

“Thanks to key technological innovations that we’ve made in the last year, our solution now covers the entire partnering process. One particularly important innovation was moving Partner to the cloud, making it a more open, connected solution. We rebranded Partner as Deals and Alliances to reflect the fact that it’s an integral part of our modular offer. All four of the modules communicate and work together seamlessly, providing a partnering solution that supports every stage of collaboration in the life sciences,” said Gilles Toulemonde, INOVA CEO.

The Most Advanced Partnering Place

INOVA is the most advanced partnering place designed specifically for the life sciences, helping your team drive successful collaboration throughout the partnering process. Our modules include:

Conference: Coordinate & Meet

Developed in partnership with BIO, the Conference module features optimized scheduling, detailed search capabilities and the ability to create in-depth profiles. You can discuss meeting opportunities with your colleagues, even if they are not attending the conference. The Conference module will be launched as One-on-One Partnering™ Powered by BIO at the 2015 BIO International Convention. Learn more.

Scouting: Find & Identify

The Scouting module provides one centralized workspace for your team to gather and share all they know about external technologies (assets, molecules, compounds, platforms, etc.) and to weigh-in on collaboration opportunities.

Deals: Engage & Close

Our expertise in the life science industry and partnering best practices is embedded throughout the Deals module, helping you to speed up, control and improve your deal processes, including: M&A, in-licensing, out-licensing, R&D Collaboration, CMO and CRO.

Alliances: Manage & Succeed

The Alliances module provides full support for Alliance Management, including contract and obligation tracking, relationship history, secure document sharing, alliance health checks and more, helping you track every step leading to partnering success.