INOVA Releases Partner 4.0

Updates help life science professionals better manage partnering meetings and make key tasks easy, intuitive

INOVA today announced a new release of Partner (v4.0). The goal of this update is to help life science professionals get more out of their partnering meetings by making best practice meeting and data management easy and intuitive. Specifically, features were added to support collaborative meeting management, to make workflows more intelligent and to enhance email management. The hosted version of Partner was rebranded as Deals and Alliances as a part of INOVA’s new end-to-end, modular offer.

“This update is designed to help our clients get more out of their partnering events, because that’s where partnering happens. Now, our clients have one secure place to collaborate on, prepare for and follow-up on their partnering meetings. Additionally, by working closely with our pharma and biotech leaders, we found new ways to simplify and improve key tasks. Life science professionals deal with an overwhelming amount of information about potential partners and opportunities. By helping them be more effective at important routine tasks, we can help them improve their partnering activities,” said Gilles Toulemonde, INOVA CEO.

The new release features:

  • Better partner meeting management – With INOVA, everything you need to know about an upcoming meeting is already in one place: contact, company information, relationship history, asset information and more. Now, you can use INOVA to invite your colleagues to meetings and request their insights. Afterwards, add your notes and assign follow-up tasks.
  • Easy email management – Whether you’re at your desk or on the go , send emails directly to INOVA and securely store them in a dedicated email folder. They’ll be there, waiting for you the next time you log-in.
  • Intuitive workflow actions – Built-in next step actions make workflow processes natural and straightforward, following the business logic of partnering in the life sciences.
  • Single sign-on support – Users of INOVA’s hosted version can now benefit from single sign-on (SSO), it’s easier and more secure.