Inova Software Announces Upcoming Release of 5.0

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The new release brings a modern, user-friendly interface and mobile capabilities to Inova, the end-to-end CRM for partnering in the life sciences.

Inova Software today announced the upcoming release of Inova 5.0. This latest version of the platform is user-friendly and intuitive, with a fresh user interface (UI) and mobile capabilities. Inova 5.0 will be released soon.

Inova is the #1 CRM for partnering in the life sciences, used by over 70 customers, including 40% of the top 50 life science companies. Inova covers the partnering process from initial scouting and early evaluation to business development and licensing to alliance management. Inova updated and enhanced the UI based on extensive feedback from its clients and the latest in software design trends and best practices. Additionally, the new interface provides a unified experience with other Inova products and services, including dashboard reports and Inova’s newest module, Partneringplace.

Inova 5.0 also brings mobile capabilities with it, enabling the user to look up and view contact, company, and asset details right from their mobile phone.

“It’s not just about fonts, colors and icons,” said Gilles Toulemonde, Inova CEO and co-founder, “it’s about an improved, streamlined experience that will help our clients work better and more efficiently.”

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