Inova Software Used by Over Half of Pharma’s Top Deal Makers

According to a recent Recap report, the top 28 deals with publicly disclosed financial information were worth $35 billion. Of this, $19 billion was transacted by companies who use Inova Partner as their platform for Business Development, Licensing, M&A and Partnering.

Gilles Toulemonde, Inova CEO and founder, commented that, “We’re excited to see our software so widely leveraged by pharma’s top deal makers. This data demonstrates our software’s ability to expertly support a high volume of partnering activity in global life science companies. Based on the experiences of our clients, we will continue to refine our product, ensuring that it continues to support their needs and reflect the best practices of a rapidly evolving market.”

The calculations were derived using data from “The Recap of 2012 Deals” by Thomson Reuters’ Recap. This report provides analyses and key data on the 1,692 publicly announced deals in 2012, of which 463 disclosed financial information. Of these 463 deals, the top 28 (10 M&A, 10 Licensing, 8 Co-Development*) were worth nearly $35 billion.

* Note: The original Recap analysis included the Bristol-Meyers Squibb/AstraZeneca diabetes deal both in the Licensing and Co-Development categories. For the purpose of our analysis, Inova has kept this deal only once, in the licensing category.