Inova Top 10 Newsletter – August 2017

Get ready for a surge in partnering activity! New areas of partnering were hot last month, including digital health, digital therapeutics, CAR-T production and artificial intelligence. Takeda is continuing to outsource its R&D work and Bayer is looking for partnerships with innovative biotech startups. Meanwhile, Biogen, Eli Lilly and GSK have all indicated that they’re ready to streamline operations and bump up their business development activities.

1) MySugar CEO Talks About Roche Acquisition And What’s To Come With Digital Health-Pharma Deals

Learn about digital health-pharma deal trends in this Q&A with the CEO of mySugr, a diabetes management digital health company that was recently acquired by Roche. The article argues that small companies are often faster and more agile than large ones, making them valuable partners and a good way to dive into the digital sphere quickly.

2) 5 Big Pharma Stocks With The Best Drug Pipelines

Get the Motley Fool’s take on the biopharma companies with the most promising drug pipelines over the next five years. Roche, AstraZeneca, Abbvie, Gilead and Johnson & Johnson take the top honors. Check out the article to learn why their futures look so bright.

3) Bayer East Coast Innovation Center Head Reveals Early Strategic Advantage Is Something Pharma Wants From Biotech Startups44

Get insight into Bayer’s partnering strategy in this interview with Dr. Chandra Ramanathan, Head of the East Coast Innovation Center at Bayer. It’s his job to build an innovative product portfolio with key partners including academia and local Boston biotech startups. He explains their strategy and what they look for in partners.

4) A New Cancer Ecosystem

Discover Sandra J. Horning’s, Chief Medical Officer and Global Head of Product Development at Genentech and Roche, take on the future of cancer treatment. She argues that researchers, patients, health care professionals, regulatory agencies, government, and industry must find a way to work together as one ecosystem.

5) Big Pharma Turns To AI To Speed Drug Discovery, GSK Signs Deal

Large biopharma companies are investigating new ways to improve the drug discovery process: artificial intelligence (AI). GSK just signed a deal with Exscientia, whose AI system could deliver drug candidates in less time and for less money. Merck & Co, Johnson & Johnson and Sanofi are also investigating AI for drug discovery.

6) Biogen Lays Out A Plan To Streamline Ops, Add $400M To Fund Neurosciences R&D, New Deals

Biogen is gearing up for some serious deal-making! CEO Michel Vounatsos has said that he plans to invest hundreds of millions more each year in its neurosciences R&D work, vowing to make Biogen the leading company in the field. Those plans include late-stage acquisitions and “deals of all sizes.”

7) GSK CEO Walmsley Is Reorganizing R&D, Dropping Drugs And Adding A New Focus On Cancer Research

GSK is also gearing up for some deal-making as they refocus their R&D efforts. Combined with similar announcements from Lilly and Biogen, it suggests that partnering is going to get a boost. Biotechs will look to license discarded assets from these big biopharmas, who in turn are ready to spend cash and to partner on strategic drugs.

8) Digital Therapeutics: The Future Of Health Care Will Be App-Based

Digital therapeutics are the hottest new area in the app economy. These apps replace or work in conjunction with traditional treatments by modifying patient behavior. Omada Health is making waves with their diabetes prevention app, raising $127 million in funding in just 5 years.

9)  Oxford BioMedica, Novartis Link Up On CAR-T Drug Production

In a new partnership, Novartis is paying $10 million upfront for Oxford BioMedica’s help in CAR-T drug production, with another $100 million possible in milestones. It’s a win/win situation: Oxford BioMedica gets a big boost in funding and Novartis secures key CAR-T drug production capabilities, no small feat given the complexity of these treatments.

10) Takeda, Schrödinger Form Multiprogram Drug Discovery Pact

Takeda is continuing its outsourcing trend, this time signing an R&D drug discovery collaboration with Schrödinger. This follows Takeda’s recent partnership with PRA Health Sciences, which transferred Takeda’s U.S. and European clinical development and post-approval needs to the CRO.

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