Inova Top 10 Newsletter – July 2017

It was a busy month! The biopharma industry got good marks on its reputation, CROs are experiencing a deal bonanza and academia and industry are teaming up even earlier in the drug development process. On top of that, development in immuno-oncology continued at a breakneck pace and it looks like 2017 is a promising year if you’re looking to sell or out-license your assets.

1) Global Pharma RepTrak® Results

Learn how biopharma companies rank according to reputation. You’ll also get a look at current trends and how they impact people’s willingness to buy from, work for, and invest in a company. Biopharma companies had a successful year overall, finishing with a “strong” reputation. As for Inova clients, they made up 7 of the top 10 companies.

2) Biopharma Outsourcing Is Going Through Deal Bonanza in U.S.

CROs are going through a big wave of M&A – a trend that is expected to continue. This trend is being driven by a couple of factors, including an increased number of treatments under development, pressure to boost efficiency and demand for complete, end-to-end services.

3) In era of research cuts, romance blossoming much earlier between universities and Big Pharma

The relationship between universities and big biopharma companies is changing. Faced with reduced public funding, shrinking R&D budgets and drying pipelines, deals are moving to the early stages. These open-ended, early-stage partnerships are more complicated and riskier than late-stage sure bets, but the payoff is potentially huge.

4) 2017 Dealmakers’ Intentions Study

Get a glimpse at this year’s partnering and licensing landscape through this survey of buy and sell side dealmakers. 2017 is shaping up to be a good year to be on the sell side thanks to the many dealmaking and financing options open to emerging companies and innovators. Hot areas include CNS-neurology, hepatic, hematological and women’s health, and, of course, immuno-oncology and genetics.

5) Janssen Library Sharing, J&J Innovation Drug Discovery Collaborations Launched

Janssen is taking the bold step of opening segments of its molecular library to researchers through collaborations. The goal of these collaborations is to accelerate new treatments for neglected diseases and pandemic threats. Key institutions have already signed on, including the NIH, Washington University and the University of California.

6) Former Pfizer Scientist Is Resurrecting Projects To Solve The Multidrug Resistant Bacteria Problem

When a biopharma company out-licenses a project that no longer fits with its R&D strategy, it’s a win/win situation. The treatment gets a second chance at making it to market and the biopharma receives licensing revenues. Check out this example from Pfizer.

7) Pharma – Advocacy Partnerships: How the BERG – debra partnership helps EB patients

Pharma/advocacy partnerships are another win/win situation. The advocacy group is better able to promote their members’ needs and the biopharma company gets a better understanding of the disease from the patient’s perspective, gains access to key opinion leaders and has a head start on recruiting patients for more studies. Learn more about BERG’s partnership with debra of America.

8) A New Cancer Drug Helped Almost Everyone Who Took It. Almost. Here’s What It Teaches Us

Loxo Oncology and Array BioPharma have teamed up to develop larotectinib, a new cancer treatment that targets tumors with a specific genetic mutation. Unlike Keytruda, larotectinib is seeking approval based only on the genetic mutation, and not also based on the cancer’s location. It’s a huge change in the way we think about cancer treatments.

9) Merck Ventures, CRUK launch new immuno-oncology spinout biotech iOnctura

Discover Merck KGaA’s new partnership with an R&D charity, Cancer Research U.K (CRUK). Together they are launching a new biotech focused on immuno-oncology, iOnctura. Merck is providing the initial seed money and contributing two assets from their pipeline, while CRUK is providing three assets, giving iOnctura a robust initial pipeline.

10) The Digital Medicine Crystal Ball

Discover how digital technologies will impact disease management and healthcare over the next decade. This white paper discusses the partnering trends, regulatory environment and value proposition of digital medicine. Its impact will be felt throughout the ecosystem, including in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, software, commercialized goods and products.

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