Inova’s 2015 Hosting Results

In the year since its launch, Inova’s Deals and Alliances hosted solution has proven its stability, security and performance.

Inova leverages sophisticated monitoring solutions to provide key performance insights on its hosted solutions. The results from 2015 so far are:

  • 99.99% uptime (outside scheduled maintenance)
  • 0 security incidents
  • Up 3x faster performance – The latest release is faster than ever before, particularly for users far from the server’s location in Geneva (i.e. in Asia and the western United States)

“We’re very pleased with the first year’s results for our hosted solution. The solution has proven to be highly performant and secure, leading nearly all of our new clients to opt for our hosted service. We’re continually working to make our solution faster and to provide greater transparency for our clients, for example, we’re working on rolling out a status update page, so our clients can review live performance statistics themselves,” said Rémi Pochat, IT Corporate Hosting & Integration Manager at Inova.