Mobile access

Some of your most important meetings and discussions happen when you’re not in the office.
Inova’s mobile access provides you with everything you need to know about your partnerships,
no matter where you are.

View your partnership data when you’re on the move with mobile access

Need to look up information about a company when you’re not at your desk? As you head into your next partnering meeting, grab your smartphone and use Inova's mobile view to quickly access key details such as:

  • Have we met with this company before?
  • What were the last discussions with them?
  • Do we have any previous or on-going agreements with them?

Inova’s mobile access allows you to view company or contact information, check the status or details of an ongoing opportunity or even just find the last interaction with a partner.

Armed with this information, your meetings will be far more productive and you'll ensure that your company speaks with one voice.

50% of TOP 50 biopharma companies use Inova
to better manage their partnerships

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