New Collaboration Feature Now Available in BIO One-on-One Partnering

Comments, a new feature available thanks to a free trial of One-on-One Plus, is designed to improve preparation and follow-up at BIO

A brand new feature is now available in One-on-One: Comments. Using the Comments feature, attendees can collaborate with their colleagues to better prepare for their partnering meetings and for the post-meeting follow-up. The feature is a part of One-on-One Plus, available to BIO attendees through a special free trial.

One-on-One and One-on-One Plus are the next-generation partnering system, powered by BIO and Inova. One-on-One is the new conference module launched for the 2015 BIO International Convention. One-on-One Plus is an advanced scouting module powered by Inova. This secure, private environment is seamlessly integrated with One-on-One and enables enterprise-wide collaboration on partnering meetings and opportunities.

Full access to One-on-One Plus won’t be available until June 22nd, but the Comments feature has been made available early to help attendees get the most out of BIO 2015. Any One-on-One user can activate and use this feature.

Using the Comments feature, attendees post comments, suggest meeting prep questions, and submit replies to their colleagues without leaving One-on-One. These discussions are kept in a single secure place, helping attendees conduct high quality meetings and keeping key insights right at their fingertips, accessible from their tablet or laptop. After the conference, attendees can reference Comments as they assess the opportunities they found during the event and plan their follow-ups.

When full access to One-on-One Plus opens, Comments will be part of the full suite of features available in that module. These features include the ability to share BIO partnering data internally (including with colleagues that did not attend BIO), quickly create meeting minutes, assign tasks to colleagues, attach documents, emails and notes to meetings and more.

To learn how to use the Comments feature, watch the tutorial video below: