How to have more productive meetings at BIO 2018

Get ready for the 2018 BIO Convention with our a new whitepaper: 14 best practices for maximizing your meetings’ ROI at the BIO Convention. In it you’ll find all the tips and tricks you need to get the most out of your partnering meetings at BIO.

Below are two best practices for improving the quality […]

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How to write the perfect meeting request for BIO 2018

The 2018 BIO International Convention is coming up fast. To help you better prepare, we’ve just released a new whitepaper: 14 best practices for maximizing your meetings’ ROI at the BIO Convention. In it you’ll find all the tips and tricks you need to get the most out of your partnering meetings at BIO. […]

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Developing a continuous learning mentality in your Alliance Management department

A few weeks ago, we launched our 7 Best Practices for Building a Successful Alliance Management Function in the Biopharma Industry whitepaper, which features a list of best practices in the alliance management function as told by research from industry experts and alliance managers, themselves.

One of these best practices is to develop a continuous […]

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How Pricing is Impacting Oncology Partnerships

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Check out this article from Inova:


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By Gilles Toulemonde, Inova CEO

A lot is happening in the field of Oncology. As new […]

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Inova launches JPM Private Scheduler to make your meetings @ JPM 2018 easier

Planning to attend the JP Morgan Annual Healthcare Conference in January (JPM 2018), and your company has rented private rooms to arrange your meetings? Don’t worry, we know how organizing these meetings can be such a nightmare.

With that in mind, Inova came up with the JPM Private Scheduler to make managing these meetings so […]

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How pharma is tackling digital health

By Gilles Toulemonde, Inova CEO

Digital health is on the rise. Just last year $7.9 billion dollars were invested in 585 digital health companies. It’s clearly the way forward, offering better patient outcomes, lower costs and broader consumer access to care. Pharmaceutical companies are eager to join the transformation, recognizing that digital health impacts all […]

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Inova Announces Release of 6.0

It’s here! The next version of Inova has been released. Version 6.0 of Inova features enhance review capabilities to help you get more feedback, more securely.

Read on to learn what Inova 6.0 can do.
Get insights from external contacts securely
Need feedback from someone outside your company? No problem. Using Inova’s review feature, you can now […]

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Inova Software Announces Upcoming Release of 5.0

The new release brings a modern, user-friendly interface and mobile capabilities to Inova, the end-to-end CRM for partnering in the life sciences.

Lyon – June 29 2016 – Inova Software today announced the upcoming release of Inova 5.0. This latest version of the platform is user-friendly and intuitive, with a fresh user interface (UI) and […]

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Inova Sets its Sights on Japan

Determined to expand internationally, the Lyonnais software editor is sending one of its French employees to open a sales office in Japan. It’s another step towards reaching its goal of 90% in international sales.

Inova is evolving in a niche market: a SaaS CRM software (3 years ago the decision was made to migrate from […]

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Inova Software Reaps the Benefits of its New Business Model

Inova Software, software editor of a CRM dedicated to pharmaceutical companies, has followed software trends, moving into a SaaS model. “The technological shift represents a dual strategy,” explained Gilles Toulemonde, Inova CEO, “to generate recurrent revenues and to adapt ourselves to new clients, such as small biotechs who prefer this model.” The drawback: the […]

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