Use case

Inova’s Opportunity Portal: Track all your biopharma opportunities

Improve search and evaluation with Inova's Opportunity Portal

Inova's Opportunity Portal is the open innovation solution designed for the life sciences. It helps Inova's users improve their search and evaluation activities with an effective way to triage opportunities.

Pharma and biotech companies are inundated with unsolicited opportunities. Often these opportunities are received via their company website or a generic email address. This leaves business developers with hundreds of opportunities, some of interest, many not, in their mailbox. While sorting through these mails, it's easy for one to get lost in the shuffle. Further, it's nearly impossible to track and report on the proposals received. What these organizations need is an organized, secure way to manage unsolicited opportunities.

To improve efficiency and visibility, Inova’s Opportunity Portal offers a simple way to sort through the masses and find interesting opportunities faster. Using the Deals and Alliances modules, users evaluate submissions and store the information securely for future reference.

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