Make the most of your BIO conferences




Lead high
quality meetings

and win

Partneringplace, powered by Inova, is a secure, private environment, seamlessly integrated with One-on-One.
It enables you to collaborate internally and improve your return on meetings.
Discover how!




Before BIO conferences
Prepare collaboratively for your meetings

Invite colleagues, even if they are not attending BIO
Share and manage partnering meeting data
Gather notes and insights from your colleagues
Leverage Thomson Reuters Cortellis company and drug profiles





During BIO conferences
Lead high-quality meetings

Access partnering history and your meeting memos
from your tablet or iPhone

Take notes during meetings






After BIO conferences
Turn your meetings into deals

Attach all relevant information to meetings, including emails and documents, to centralize your data
Create meeting minutes quickly
Assign follow-up tasks
Share BIO partnering data internally and bring everyone up to speed
Save your data in Partneringplace year-round and be ready for your next BIO conference






Year-Round Next-Generation Partnering

Subscribe to Partneringplace year-round and all your data will ready and waiting for your next BIO event.
You’ll also say goodbye to tedious manual data entry!

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