Pharma Licensing Deals Management

Licensing deals are an increasingly important source of innovation for pharma companies. According to a recent study, 40-70% of big pharmas’ product pipelines are now in-licensed, making pharma licensing deals management a key capability. However, business developers generate a ton of data, including information about contacts, companies, assets and due diligence as well as emails, documents and notes. Further, pharma licensing deals can occurs on both a global and local scale, requiring that licensing information be shared throughout the company. Since this information is often of a sensitive nature, business developers need a secure work space with access control.

Best practice licensing deals management

For over 15 years, Inova has worked closely with our clients to develop pharma licensing deals management best practices and integrate them into our software. Life science companies use Inova CRM to manage the partnering process from end-to-end, including scouting, due diligence, licensing and alliance management. Inova CRM features standardized workflows to speed up, control and improve deal processes including M&A, in-licensing, out-licensing, CMO and CRO. For signed deals and collaborations, Inova CRM includes full support for tracking financial and non-financial obligations, governance bodies activities, issue logs, documents, and emails. Inova CRM is ready out-of-the-box and highly customizable, making them a good fit for both small and large organizations.

Software dedicated to pharma deals management

Inova is dedicated to the life sciences industry. We’ve worked with our pharma clients for 15 years to develop solutions tailor-made for their partnering needs. By connecting to industry leaders such as BIO, EBD, Thomson Reuters and Citeline, Inova is the most connected partnering solution. Our standardized workflows and reporting help companies professionalize their partnering activities, including pharma licensing deals management, and track their progress. Ultimately, by using Inova, pharma companies spend less time managing information and more time collaborating with partners on their next breakthrough.