Pharma Merger & Acquisition Software

In the pharmaceutical industry, mergers and acquisitions are an important and frequently used tool to secure innovative technology and products. The right mergers and acquisitions can transform a company and its prospects entirely. However, pharma merger and acquisition is not an easy task. There’s an overwhelming amount of opportunities to evaluate and fierce competition for the best assets, meaning you need to move fast or miss out. Of course, moving too fast comes with its own risks as well.

Inova’s Merger & Acquisition Software

At Inova, we’ve spent over 15 years working with pharma leaders, creating a partnering place that fits their evolving needs. Our software provides one secure place for all pharma partnering activities, including Mergers & Acquisitions. Using the same expert system across teams makes it possible to effectively coordinate business development activities and avoid potential oversights. For example, thanks to improved coordination, one team won’t pursue an asset as a licensing opportunity, if another team is negotiating to acquire it. Additionally, Inova CRM includes access controls to ensure that sensitive information is accessible by only the right people.

To help progress Mergers and Acquisitions opportunities effectively through the pipeline, Inova’s pharma M&A software features standardized workflows and structured deal processes with milestones, including due diligence. Additionally, there is full support for evaluations. Users can request input from both internal and external experts no matter where they are located. These evaluations are safely kept within the software platform, available for review in the future.

Transforming through M&A

Although there are many ways to access external technology and products, M&A remains a powerful tool.  Using mergers and acquisitions, Allergan transformed itself entirely, moving away from generics into expensive, branded drugs. Roche’s acquisition of Genentech (read case study) or Sanofi’s acquisition of Genzyme also demonstrates the powerful impact of M&A. It provides quick access to new talents, capabilities, and assets and enables even large organizations to move quickly. That’s why Inova created an end-to-end software that includes support for many deal types: M&A, in-licensing, out-licensing, R&D Collaboration, CMO and CRO. With our solutions, life science professionals not only have a powerful tool, but also a flexible tool that supports their evolving needs, helping them to find and win the right deals faster.