Private Scheduler

Simplify your JPM 2020 scheduling with Inova

Simplify your JPM 2020 scheduling with Inova

Private Scheduler addresses the unique needs of large pharma companies that
attend JPM and coordinate meetings within their private hotel suites,
offering smart & secured scheduling for JPM.

J.P.Morgan: A scheduling nightmare

Organizing all of your company’s meetings during JPM is a very tough job:

  • Schedule 200 to 500 meetings
  • Find common availabilities between busy attendees
  • Juggle limited meeting locations
  • Secure and manage your own meeting spaces
  • Report on all meetings
    and attendees

Private Scheduler: Smart Scheduling for JPM

Smart Scheduling

Smart Scheduling
Find the best times and locations for your meetings. Private Scheduler enables you to:

  • Optimize room management
  • Identify common availabilities automatically
  • Manage your attendees’ calendars
Communication Assistant

Communication Assistant
Save time and let Private Scheduler handle your communications. It features:

  • Calendar invites
  • Mobile app
  • Calendar export
  • Automatic emails (scheduling, rescheduling…)
Directory & Availabilities

Directory & Availabilities
Discover who is attending JPM. Thanks to our integration with BIO’s free directory for JPM, you can:

  • View attendees and your mutual availabilities
  • Send meeting requests

Protect your confidential data with our best-in-class security and privacy protection, including:

  • Secured environment
  • Access control

How the Private Scheduler works

Set up
Set up






Set up

Inova registers your company.
You setup your meeting locations
and attendees’ availabilities.


Easily schedule meetings at
mutually available times.


Private Scheduler handles all
your communications, including
email invitations and
Outlook/Google calendar events.


Quickly reschedule meetings
and optimize room availability.
Private Scheduler notifies
attendees automatically.


Use the mobile app to keep
up-to-date and refresh your
memory before meetings.


Import your meetings into your
Inova with no data entry and get
started on your follow-ups.

Frequently Asked Question

1) What is the link to the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference?

None! Private Scheduler simply helps you schedule meetings during the same timeframe as the official JP Morgan Conference.

2) Where does the directory come from?

The directory is part of a free service provided by BIO.

3) Can I schedule meetings with someone not in the directory?

Of course! Your meeting attendees do not need to sign up for the directory. Simply add them as an attendee and they’ll receive the relevant details. All you need is their first name, last name and email address.

4) Can I schedule meetings with someone who is not using Private Scheduler?

Yes. You can schedule meetings with anyone.

5) How do you get availabilities for someone not in the directory?

You can request availabilities using Private Scheduler or do it the old-fashioned way – by phone or by exchanging emails with your attendees.

6) Do you provide meeting locations?

No. You book your own hotel rooms, we help you schedule meetings in them.

7) Do the calendar invitations sent by Private Scheduler work with Outlook? What about Google?

Yes! Private Scheduler sends meeting invitations with an ics calendar file. That means it works with Outlook, Google and most other calendars.

8) I want to use JPM Private. How do I get started?

We help you get your Private Scheduler all set up, including your meeting spaces and attendees. We also provide training to be sure that you get the most out of the system. If you need additional assistance, you can contact support at any time before, during or after the event.

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