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Inova simplifies your daily tasks, reducing the time you spend managing information
and coordinating with your colleagues. That leaves more time for what
really counts – finding the right opportunities and partnerships.

Access all your pharma partnering data in one place

Find everything you need to know about a potential partner in one place. You’ll immediately find all of the related contacts, assets, discussions, meetings, and documents, including agreements, emails and meeting minutes. Inova is designed for partnering in the life sciences, meaning it comes preconfigured to store and manage information about your partnerships.

Headed into a meeting? Quickly check whether your company has already met with this partner and scan through past interactions from your desktop or your mobile.

Receive your partnering meeting data from BIO and EBD automatically

Many partnerships get started at conferences. That’s why our solution connects to the 20 biggest biopharma partnering events, including BIO International Convention, BIO-Europe Spring and BIO-Europe Fall.

When someone from your company attends a conference, their requested meetings are added to Inova. The imported information includes the meeting, the attendees and the company information. Thanks to this sync, your Inova application comes preloaded with your BIO partnering meeting information, providing you with an up-to-date database right from the start.

Conference meetings follow-ups just got easier!

Securely store and share your pharma partnering emails with our Outlook integration

Using Inova's Outlook Add-in, easily create new contacts, track your key emails and update your partnering projects straight from Outlook.

It’s a fast, simple way to keep your partnering information secure, up-to-date and easy to find in the future.

You and your colleagues will always be on the same page with the latest information at your fingertips.

Get the latest biopharma competitive intelligence with our Citeline & Cortellis connectors

There’s a world of opportunities out there. To help you search it better, Inova connects to critical data sources such as Cortellis and Citeline. Using our connector you can import and monitor the latest competitive intelligence in just a few clicks.

Using the Cortellis API, your assets are synchronized in real-time and you will be alerted automatically if there’s any change in status. For example, if an asset is rejected in phase 1 for toxicity risks, but later moves to phase 2, you will receive an email prompting you to reconsider the opportunity.

As a result, it’s easy to keep an eye on all assets in a specific area and select the most promising ones for further evaluation.

Centralize unsolicited partnering leads with our external opportunity portal

Many biopharma companies manage unsolicited proposals by collecting submissions on their corporate website and emailing them directly to the relevant department or therapeutic area. Unfortunately, this leaves submissions scattered and impossible to track.

Inova’s Opportunity Portal offers a simple, efficient way to build a repository of all external opportunities, sort through them and find the most interesting ones.

There's no data entry and nothing gets lost - it's a winning combination.

Improve collaboration with secure file storage

Important documents and emails can sometimes fall through the cracks. Using Inova, you can easily store, locate and share your partnering information with colleagues in one secure place.

Instead of searching through old emails, different computers or various databases, organize key files and communications in Inova.

With you and your colleagues all having access to the latest information, you’ll work with your teammates more easily and efficiently.

"Having a tool with facilitated data entry is such a relief! The Outlook Add-In
and BIO Conferences Sync functionalities are excellent."
Tony Maggi, Head of Business Development & Licensing

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