Security at Inova

We take security seriously here at Inova. We use a risk-based approach to ensure
a high level of Availability, Confidentiality and Integrity for our customers’ data.

One secure place for your data

Dedicated database

Dedicated database
Our hosted solution provides you with one secure place for your data. Each of our customers has their own dedicated database. That minimizes the risk of your data leaking or being impacted by any of our other clients.

Data encryption

Data encryption
We encrypt your data when it’s at rest and when it’s in transit (on both external and internal connections), preventing data visibility by unauthorized people. Your partnering data belongs to you – and we aim to keep it that way.

Identity & access control management


Make sure that your data is accessed by only the right people. Eliminate unnecessary login headaches by leveraging our Single Sign On capabilities. Not only is it more secure, but your users will thank you – that’s one less password for them to remember.

Access control

Access control
Control access rights precisely with our sophisticated access control. By using the role based access control, you can quickly set and update the access rights of entire groups of users. Additionally, you can restrict access to sensitive data or entire folders on a case-by-case basis.

World-class data hosting

Highly-secured datacenter

We have high expectations for our
cloud solution and so should you.
Our cloud solution is hosted at a
highly-secured datacenter (ISO27001
certified) in Geneva. It features strong
physical access control, 24/7 security
presence and a secured zone
for our solution.

Synchronized backups

To ensure high availability, we use
virtualization and a synchronized
backup at a datacenter in Paris. If
there’s ever a problem, we can
quickly make a switch and
restore service.


Storing your data in Europe makes it
that much easier for you to comply
with Europe’s General Data
Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Secure by design, now and in the future

Our solution is built from the ground up to be secure and that’s how we want to stay. Throughout the development process, we apply the principles of Security by Design and Privacy by Design.

We regularly test our development code and cloud platform for common vulnerabilities so we can detect and prevent them before they become problems.

Finally, we monitor the security and performance of our solution nonstop and alert you to any concerns. Security is always on our mind, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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