Security & Performance

Your partnership information is vital to your work and to the future of your company. Our CRM provides best-in-class security and performance, so you can confidently work whenever
you want, wherever you want.

Secure access control

Protect confidential documents and sensitive information with our secure access control. Restrict access to opportunities, folders and documents to ensure that only the right people see them. These restrictions follow the opportunities and documents throughout the application, so there’s no chance that confidential information will be accidentally shared later--for example, during an evaluation.

Working on a sensitive M&A project? Simply restrict access to it to just the necessary people and no one else will even know that it exists.

Secure cloud hosting

Secure cloud hosting

Security is our priority! Our cloud solution passes the toughest security tests.
It's hosted in Geneva at a world-class data center, offering comprehensive security
and reliability. We guarantee a 99.99% uptime, so you can work securely
at any time, from anywhere.

All data in the Inova platform is encrypted on-the-fly, preventing data visibility.

A roadmap dedicated to the life sciences

A roadmap dedicated to the life sciences

We work exclusively in the life sciences. We’ve made it our mission to understand the pains and challenges of biopharma partnering. We work hand-in-hand with
our clients, gathering their feedback to improve our software and finding
new ways to help you succeed.

All of this experience and feedback goes into the development of our roadmap. You can rest assured that every new feature and capability is created to help you
better manage your biopharma partnerships.

50% of TOP 50 biopharma companies use Inova
to better manage their partnerships

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