Technology Scouting, Innovation and Partnering – Insights from Inova’s Seminar

Panel DiscussionOver 80 professionals from a wide range of industries gathered at Inova Software’s seminar, Partnering for Innovation, to learn best practices directly from the experts at EBD Group, Sanofi Pasteur, Purdue, Boehringer Ingelheim and Thomson Reuters. The focus of the seminar was on sharing and discussing insights and best practices regarding technology scouting, sustainable innovation and partnering. A lunch with topic tables was included, optimizing the networking opportunities and promoting lively lunch conversations. To wrap up and synthesize the day’s presentations, a panel discussion was held, providing final thoughts and opinions from the experts. For a more detailed recap of the seminar.


Gilles Toulemonde, Inova SoftwareTo kick off the seminar, Gilles Toulemonde, CEO and co-founder of Inova Software, examined why partnering is becoming increasingly crucial to the success of innovation and provided concrete examples demonstrating the growing trend towards partnering. However, because partnering is a complicated process and the level of complexity is only growing, Toulemonde presented three essential capabilities for successful partnering and best practices for mastering them. Learn more about leveraging best practices for successful partnering.


Next, we heard from Dr. Philip Ledger, VP Operations at EBD Group AG, as he discussed the importance of partnering in the life sciences. With 50-60% of the pipeline coming from in-licensed products and nearly 50% of licensing opportunities coming from partnering meetings, there’s no doubt that partnering meetings are vital for success. To give life science and biotech companies an edge, EBD provides both partneringONE, the cutting-edge partnering system that generates thousands of one-on-one meetings, and the recently created partnering360, an online network to improve the networking, information sharing and partnering opportunities for life science professionals year round. Additionally, with EBDconnector, users can now import licensing opportunities into the Inova Suite, thereby creating a seamless process, from sourcing to projects. Find out more about best-in-class partnering solutions and practices.


From Sanofi Pasteur, Ling Lissolo, Director, Science & Technology Innovation Management, Strategic Alignment & Expertise, described the Sanofi Pasteur technology innovation initiative. Innovative technologies are vital to the sustainability of Sanofi’s industrial performance and product development, prompting the company to develop a technology watch program. This program, enabled by Inova’s software suite, not only encourages collaboration between R&D and manufacturing, but it also balances ideation and technology portfolio management, setting the standard for best practices in identifying, evaluating, selecting and developing the best technologies for implementation. Maintaining a competitive edge requires constantly evolving and improving processes and the innovation process is no different. Sanofi Pasteur’s program reflects this concept with plans to further improve the program already underway. Get more information regarding technology innovation best practices.


Brian MeltzerNext up was Brian Meltzer M.D., Executive Director, R&D Innovation at Purdue Pharma L.P., who demonstrated how to establish a sustainable, successful innovation function by using Purdue as an example. Purdue is currently undergoing transformation from a pain-oriented specialty pharmaceutical company, primarily focused in opiates, to a fully-integrated pain management company. By analyzing the current and future state of the company and the market, Purdue has determined how to best reshape the company. Additionally, to create an innovation process that is sustainable, Purdue has engaged the entire company in the effort, enabling everyone to be a technology scout, and has focused on developing the right partnering relationships. Learn more about how to develop sustainable innovation.


Alexander JungAfter the lunch break, Dr. Alexander Jung, Senior Manager BD Technologies Europe at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, explained how BI lives its “value through innovation” philosophy both as an innovative pharmaceutical company and also within its other businesses e.g. Biopharmaceuticals. The presentation provided insight into the strategy and implementation of a transparent and flexible innovation landscape throughout BI. A key component of this strategy is developing profitable partnerships with external innovators, enabling faster technology development, access to the right experts and the ability to respond faster and more flexibly to market changes. Helping enable this process are Inova’s Explore and Partner modules, which create an online workspace allowing more ideas to be generated, the innovation process to be more interactive and for users to dig deeper into issues and challenges. Learn more about how to choose and manage partnerships for a competitive advantage in technology innovation.


Last but certainly not least, we heard Mark Gordon, Director, Product Strategy, Intellectual Property & Sciences at Thomson Reuters, as he provided recommendations on how companies can enhance their innovation productivity and ensure that only the most promising projects are pursued. One best practice is integrating commercial intelligence on innovators and their intellectual property directly into innovation management software. By streamlining and simplifying processes, organizations can encourage better, more active participation from users. Cortellis does just that, making it fast and easy to push Thomson Reuters’ intelligence directly into workflows, including into the Inova software suite. Judging from the planned product enhancements, in the future it will be even easier to share Thomson Reuters’ intelligence. Find out more information about improving intelligence gathering and sharing.

To get more insights and observations from the seminar, visit the Inova blog.