Investor Relations

Advance your discussions with investors efficiently.

All your information in one place

Find the documents or emails you need immediately. Inova stores and organizes key information such as contacts, companies, emails, documents, meetings, and more. Use our Outlook Add-in to easily add your emails and their attachments to Inova. Or, import your meetings from the last BIO event in seconds.

Thanks to our mobile access you can quickly review your companies past interactions with an investor even when you’re on the go.

With everything in one place, you spend less time shifting through Excel files, old emails or various computer hard drives. Instead, focus your energy on finding the right investor for your company.

Track your discussions efficiently

Always know where you’re at with your discussions and what comes next with Inova’s standardized workflow. We’ve built our workflows based on life sciences best practices and included default milestones and activities to help you structure your next steps and to-do list. It’s the perfect way to track your opportunities and prioritize your efforts.

Get insights into your activities

Get an overview of your activities, discover new insights, and prepare for meetings quickly with Inova’s reporting. For example, easily report on your latest meetings with investors and share the information with your colleagues. Or, analyze your team’s activities by investor to discover new opportunities or synergies.


Discover more features for biotechs

Discover more features for biotechs

Lead Management

Organize, prioritize, and track your contacts and outreach activities with Inova Software.

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Discover more features for biotechs

Business Development

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Discover more features for biotechs

Contract Management

Expertly track and follow-up on your contracts.

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