The New One-on-One Partnering System

In the hunt to find and develop new breakthrough treatments, more and more companies are turning to partnering. Partnering events like the BIO International Convention, which attracts 15,000 of the most powerful biotech and pharma players from 65 countries, are a key opportunity to find the right partners. But, these events aren’t cheap. When you add up the event fees, payroll costs and travel expenses, one event can easily cost over $8,000/attendee. And that’s not counting hidden costs such as time spent manually entering data, coordinating and reporting on activities, gathering feedback and more.

That’s why Inova and BIO have teamed up this year to create a brand new One-on-One Partnering system. We’ve used our collective expertise in life sciences partnering to develop a new partnering system that is not only easier to use, but will also help users get more out of BIO. The new partnering system includes BIO One-on-One Partnering, an enhanced conference system, and INOVA One-on-One Plus, an advanced scouting module. Learn more about the partnership here.

One-on-One Plus, powered by INOVA, isn’t available yet, but BIO One-on-One Partnering is already open. We’re excited to present you with a few of the new and redesigned features below:

Enhanced Profiles: Show your best side

An engaging, interesting profile is key for attracting the best partners. That’s why we designed a new media rich profile to let you really showcase yourself and your company. You can embed video, images, data, documents and presentations in your profile.

Rich profiles in One-on-One


Thomson Cortellis Powered Search: Find exactly what you need

The new search leverages Thomson Cortellis ontologies, enabling you to search with pinpoint accuracy. Intelligent search features automatically apply granular indications, actions, and technology indexing to your biopharma company, assets or products, making sure that you’re easy to find.

To help you and your team search more efficiently, you can save your searches and come back to them later or share them with colleagues. If you spot a company, asset or delegate that looks interesting, bookmark it! All of your bookmarks are gathered in the same place, making it a breeze to find them later. You will also see your colleagues’ bookmarks, providing a simple way to gauge which opportunities are of the greatest interest.


Intuitive Message Center: Faster, easier, more powerful

Message Center One-on-One


At the heart of the BIO conference partnering process is the message center. The new One-on-One Partnering features a redesigned message center with a modern, intuitive user interface. We’ve added new features to help you work faster and better. For example, you are now able to tag meeting requests. Your tags can be anything – a name, a department, a therapeutic area, etc. For example, you could tag key meeting requests with the name of the Vice President of Business Development, making it a snap for her to find and evaluate them.

But, tagging is not the only way to quickly find what you need. Powerful filters enable you to rapidly sort through your meeting requests. You can filter by whether the request is incoming or outgoing, the meeting status (i.e. requested, scheduled, rescheduled, etc.), the participants or even the company type.

When it comes to accepting or declining meeting requests, we’ve added a handy undecline button, in case you decline the wrong meeting or change your mind.




Fully Integrated Calendar: Working the way you do

The revamped calendar is more flexible, fitting how you work. You can export your schedule in a variety of formats including excel, pdf or ics, the calendar file format. This allows you to download your calendar and add it to Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and more, putting your schedule in a familiar place.

We’ve also created a new way to view the available programming tracks – putting them side-by-side your calendar. Now, you’re able to quickly decide which tracks interest you and fit with your schedule.

One-on-One Calendar


Smarter Scheduling: Save your energy for partnering

Walk less between meetings! A new algorithm reduces the walking time between meetings by up to 20%. BIO is exhausting, now you can save more energy for what really counts – partnering.


One-on-One Plus: Get more out of BIO

Stayed tuned! One-on-One Plus is coming soon. This advanced scouting module, seamlessly integrated with One-on-One Partnering, is a secure, private partnering place where you can collaborate with your colleagues and better prepare for and follow-up on meetings. Using Inova One-on-One Plus, you will optimize your BIO One-on-One meeting strategy and improve the quality of your meetings at BIO 2015 in Philadelphia.

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