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BIO and INOVA Present: The Future of Partnering

A new and improved BIO One-on-One™ partnering system is coming for BIO 2015! Join this webinar, co-hosted by INOVA and BIO, to get your sneak peek at the new One-on-One™ and its brand-new companion product, One-on-One Plus™.

INOVA and BIO have teamed up to create a next-generation partnering system that will dramatically increase your ROI […]

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Turn Your Partnering Meetings into Winning Deals

Improve your meeting preparation and follow-up with Inova

BIO-Europe® , the “must attend” partnering event owned and organized by the EBD Group, is just around the corner! To help you prepare for such conferences, Inova has created a webinar demonstrating how we help leading biopharma companies get the most out of partnering events. From efficiently […]

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Open Innovation: Create and Develop Your Network of Partners

To increase growth, your CEO wants to move towards a more open model. Open Innovation is a key way to de-risk R&D, while increasing organizational agility. Many organizations focus their Open Innovation efforts on finding new partners. But the fastest way to success is to start with the partners you know and then expand […]

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Why do Pharma and Biotech’s Top Companies Use Inova?

Today in the pharmaceutical industry, more than 50,000 professionals are involved in partnering activities that lead to over $30 billion worth of licensing deals. This creates a huge amount of information that is no longer manageable with standard IT tools such as email, Word documents, Excel, etc.

During this webinar, Sébastien Buffier, Inova Partnering Consultant, […]

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Inova Webinar with BIO: From BIO Convention to Deals

Understanding the buyers’ post-Convention process will help you close deals

Inova helps leading biopharma companies take the information they gather from partnering with you at BIO and make it actionable. Understanding this process will help turn your BIO One-on-One meetings into winning deals. Join Inova and BIO for a co-hosted webinar on how to make […]

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How to Better Manage Your Partnering Activities

Your company is working in the life sciences (pharma, biotech, agro) and you are involved in business development.
And so:

You are faced with working on an ever increasing number of opportunities
Your team is expanding with more contacts and stakeholders
As a result of this increased workload, tools that worked in the past, such as email, erooms […]

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Unlocking Value: The Innovation Key – Technology Scouting

Enormous value is locked away in a company’s intangible assets – their ideas, innovations, know-how. All too often, a technical obstacle prevents these critical assets from being put to use. Instead of generating revenue, reducing costs, or providing a competitive advantage, these assets remain untapped. Finding the right technology at the right time, evaluating […]

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Partnering for Innovation, “the successful example of life sciences”

Why is partnering more and more crucial to the success of innovation? What are the best practices for successful partnering? In this webinar, Gilles Toulemonde, Inova CEO & Co-founder, explains why partnering is increasingly important for successful innovation by analyzing the evolution of the life science sector over the past 10 years. After discussing […]

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