What is a Partnering Place?

Welcome to the Age of the Team

The world we live in is facing many challenges: a growing population, globalization, healthcare access, climate change, an aging population and more. These challenges are growing too complex for sole creative minds—they’re more for teams of minds, interlocking networks of innovators, thinkers and scientists, combining their knowledge, insights and skills for today and tomorrow.

Most companies are not prepared to share information between departments or with potential partners—they simply lack the technical tools that make this possible. But to be a leader in the marketplace and successfully pioneer new solutions, you must join forces and establish strong partnerships. This is particularly true in the life sciences, an innovation intensive industry where companies routinely source over 50% of their molecules from outside partners. Successful collaborations and funding opportunities can only happen when you identify and engage with the right partners – and that’s where a partnering place comes in.


A Partnering Place Supports Smart Choices, Better Collaborations and Efficient Deal-Making

What is a partnering place? It is a virtual workspace that makes it possible to find and work with the right partners in order to invent and bring to market new products, services and solutions. By aggregating all your partnering data (assets, contacts, companies, opportunities, due diligences, deals, agreements and alliances…) in one place, a partnering place fosters better internal alignment for managing and growing deals successfully.

Just be to clear, a CRM that has been adapted for partnering is not a partnering place. A partnering place is a platform specifically designed to drive successful deals throughout the collaboration process. CRMs, on the other hand, are created with the sales process in mind and lack key features such as evaluations, due diligence support and alliance management. They also don’t connect to important sources of partnering intelligence such as BIO Conferences, Thomson Reuters, Expernova and more.


The 3 Core Benefits of a Partnering Place

  1.  Save time and focus on your core job: partnering 

    Spend less time managing information (connecting on and off different platforms, duplicating work, entering data manually, etc) and more time collaborating with partners on your next big breakthrough.

  2. Make sound decisions at every step of the partnership: 

    A partnering place leverages the experience and knowledge of your coworkers, even if they’re spread all over the globe, and is enriched by the latest market intelligence.

  3. Pick the right deals: 

    Be one step ahead of your market and lay the groundwork for innovative solutions.


Inova’s Partnering Place

With over 10 years of market leadership and more than 40 Pharma and Biotech clients (including half of the top 20 companies),  Inova is the partnering place designed for the life sciences industry. Our platform features a complete set of modules (Conference, Scouting, Deals and Alliances) that cover the entire collaboration process, enabling you to find partners, evaluate external technologies, close deals and grow successful alliances. To help you get even more out of your partnering activities, we’re teaming up with BIO to create a next-generation partnering solution for BIO 2015. Thanks to this new partnering system, you’ll more efficiently source potential collaborations and funding opportunities during BIO 2015 and BD and investor events year round.

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