Why Partnering is Key: Insights from Big Pharma

At Inova, we’re big believers in the power of collaboration. By joining forces and working together, experts from different organizations solve previously unsolvable challenges. Not only that, but partnered treatments are more successful and less expensive to develop. We’re certainly not the only ones that believe in partnering. In an interview last year, one R&D head at a large pharmaceutical company had a lot of positive things to say about partnering – read on to learn more.

Greater Success When Experts Team Up

In an interview last year, Jochen Maas, General Manager of R&D at Sanofi in Germany, explained that he considers partnering to be one of the most important activities, not only for Sanofi but for the whole pharmaceutical industry. Maas argued that the majority of innovations in the pharmaceutical industry do not come from big pharma’s laboratories. Instead, innovations come from the outside, for example from small biotechs and academia. This is something that must be taken into account. When you take a step back and look at the entire value chain, there are different experts at different points throughout it. As Maas says, this situation cries for collaboration, for the benefit of everyone involved: pharma, biotechs and patients alike.

Maas notes that while big pharma excels in some areas, biotech excels in others. For example, small biotechs are often better at drug discovery. It’s the beginning of the value chain where new ideas, concepts and targets are critical. However, as these ideas move down the value chain, big pharma has the advantage. Thanks to their years of experience and bigger budgets, big pharma is better able to translate these ideas into molecules and move them through clinical trials.

Watch the full interview below:

Inova’s Partnering Place

The conviction that partnering and M&A are critical to the future of pharma R&D is what drives Inova to provide a next-generation partnering place. Inova’s partnering place covers the collaboration process from end-to-end with 4 interlocking modules: Conferences, Scouting, Deals and Alliances. Life science companies of all sizes use it to scout for new partnering opportunities, evaluate external technologies, close deals and grow successful alliances. To learn more, request a demo.

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